“Look what happens to the scale when love holds it.
It stops working.”

Clear Lens Coaching for Couples & Individuals

Who:  My clients are single, married, separated, undecided, divorced, re-partnered and widowed, with diverse sexual orientations, from all walks of life.  Some have considerable experience with personal development and/or spirituality – some none at all.  Some have seen therapists, relationship or marriage counselors and life coaches – some not.  Some are up against an impasse in a relationship within or outside the family.  They may feel unworthy, sad or fearful.   Some have habits that are compulsive, an addiction or the need for approval.  No matter who you are or what the issue, curiosity and willingness to explore are the keys that open the door to a fruitful collaboration.

Getting Started:  I offer a 75-minute initial consultation for couples and individuals.
Call 541-318-0045 or click here to schedule your appointment. 
You’ll get an in-depth feel for the work, as well as meaningful questions and fresh insights to reflect on after our meeting.

People who see me for a consultation often continue in a Clear Lens Coaching program and schedule a 12-session series. This is the way I begin with people I’m working with for the first time. Continuation after 12 sessions is always an option.  We discuss fees, scheduling and other particulars during our consultation.

I bring a high level of personal engagement to the work to my clients.  They appreciate post-appointment emails in which I share poetry, TED talks, videos and other relevant resources that encourage deeper reflection.

Where:  I have a lovely, quiet office located in walking distance to downtown Bend, Oregon.  For people who live at a distance, I offer in-person intensives or retreats, and phone or Zoom appointments.

The Premise of Clear Lens Coaching

Clear Lens Coaching is an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, therapy and relationship or life coaching.  Concerns, feelings and habits act as springboards for a creative inquiry.  But rather than build up a “better you” or seek answers externally, we explore the nature of the lens you see through.

Simply said: experience conforms to the view.  The way we see is the most powerful force shaping our lives.  This understanding makes a radical difference to the way we approach and embrace life.

The lens is constructed of unquestioned, erroneous beliefs.  These original errors are contained in thoughts and actions that follow.  When the view is distorted by misunderstanding, what we see is likewise distorted.  How do we know this?  Because it hurts!  The idea that something is wrong with us, for instance, sets us on a mission.  We seek relief from tension and pain through relationships, activities and substances.  This is a never ending proposition, as I imagine you already know.  There’s another way: turn around and explore the lens itself.

The difference between a clear and a distorted lens is inestimable.

Depthful inquiry is a joyful, creative process in which you carefully question your core assumptions.  When you see differently, everything you see changes.  Intelligent action replaces painful, automatic patterns of re-action.  Clear Lens Coaching isn’t pie-in-the-sky psycho-babble.  The conversations are uncommon, though the work is down to earth and practical to boot.  While certainly challenging at times, it’s also filled with tears of relief and humor.  Clarity puts you in sync again with what truly matters.  The most important thing is to find out for yourself.

Poetry Playshops & More!

A dedicated Poetry and Creativity Instigator, I facilitate monthly Poetry Playshops in Bend.  No experience with poetry and/or writing is necessary to enjoy these small group events.  Additional Playshop events and retreats are scheduled through the year.

People come to Playshops to recover freedom of expression and/or immerse more deeply an already active creative process.   Participants routinely say they feel relieved of tension to perform, produce, or otherwise impress anyone.  Very liberating, indeed!  Subscribe to my monthly newsletter to be in the know about all events.

Another lovely way to connect is through Poem of the Month, which I’ve been publishing since 2006.  Subscribe to have these gems delivered to your inbox monthly.

Find Out About the Next Playshop!

Host a Playshop For Your Group Or Organization!

I love working with groups and do so in ways that maximize flow and spontaneity while reducing self-consciousness.  Superb for work teams, book clubs, staff meetings, board meetings, retreats and special occasions.  I’d love to collaborate with you and create a relaxed space for engagement, authenticity, depth and humor.

Connect with me and we’ll have a wonderful time discussing the details!

Image: Qian Xuan, Early Autumn

Let’s Connect!

Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.

Tao te Ching

Let’s Connect!
“Clear Lens Coaching with Krayna was utterly transformative, unlike any other work I’ve ever done. I draw a parallel to dieting, where the benefits are usually temporary and the primary focus is on changing a behavior. Lasting change happened for me when I opened up, looked deeply into my perspective, had the courage to change my mind, and accept what is. This transformed my way of living, profoundly influencing my work and relationships. I have love for myself and the relationship with my partner is thriving because of the work I’ve done with Krayna. These changes will be with me for the rest of my life!”

Lauri Powers, Autism Specialist for High Desert Education Service District

“The tight bottlenecks in our marriage brought us to Krayna. We now see everything in a different light. Our own internal issues and stories were the source of our conflicts, not each other! We’ve grown as individuals and have strengthened our relationship. We’re both so much less defensive and so much more open! Thank you, Krayna. We’re celebrating our new marriage.”

Couple from Bend, Oregon

“Krayna’s Playshops are full of fun, exuberance and sweet moments. They offer freedom for authentic expression in a community of others who love to play with words. Krayna is a brilliant facilitator of the heart. I go home refreshed every time!

J.B. ~ Poetry Lover and Passionate Gardener