“The situation is hopeless but not serious.”
Paul Watzlawick

Oh, the things I’ve done to secure love and happiness outside myself.  Waking to the folly of it all, I can’t help but to laugh out loud.  In moments of mirth, something relaxes.  So let us not take ourselves too seriously, lest we lose the thread of wonder and laughter.  May you find inspiration in these musings on identity, love – of both the clumsy and gracious varieties, peace and heart-wisdom, which never fails us if we only pause long enough to listen.

Image: Marc Chagall

April 2018 ~ Astounding Spiritual Leaders!

This cartoon requires no commentary, right?  I get it, you get it.  Such simple images, with or even without the title, are so clear, no treatise is required.  Still, there is something I want to say:  exquisite attention by the funny looking man is implied in the drawing.  To what extent do you  meet life with this quality of attentive presence and openness?  What if everything is your spiritual leader?  When you live this message, you engender tremendous reverence, wonder and breathing respect for all life.  And you are a gift to us.

An idea:  Behold an object as if it’s brand new to you.  Whatever it is, you’ll need complete sincerity or you’ll miss your chance.  You’re engaging in an encounter, a reciprocal relationship, whether it’s with a rock or a piece of moss or a dog or a child, ok?  So, with reverence, say:

“I’m happy to meet you.  You have something to important so say.  I, your humble student, honor you.  Would you please teach me?  I promise to listen.” 

Then do it.  L.I.S.T.E.N.  Don’t hurry.  Wait with receptivity and patience.  Something may come in words, images, sensations…or silence.  When you receive the teaching, offer thanks for what you’ve been given.  Open yourself this way.  Life is never stingy.  It loves to rush forth and shower you with wisdom, humor and generosity.  Let it.

Another idea:  Create your own cartoon or collage called: “a man or woman meets twelve great spiritual leaders.”  See what happens.  Feel free to share your creation with me.  I’d love to hear from you!

Image: Michael Leunig
Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.

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March 2018 ~ Way Of The Holy Fool: Losing The Plot & Caring Not

“The artist needs to know how to lose the plot– how to not care and how to not know –and how to actually enjoy that freedom and understand what a blessed revitalizing state all of that mess can be.”
Michael Leunig, Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet.

Great quote, right?  Yes, it is, though it makes an even better poem, as you can see here.  I eliminated five words, added line breaks and stanzas, and voila!  A 99% verbatim found poem.  Try it yourself with any text you find compelling.  I’ve  created pure or practically verbatim found poems from text messages, news articles, horoscopes, instruction manuals, you name it!  (As in this piece, I credit the original source, and so should you.)

Who does the Artist in this poem refer to?  Anyone who has the inner eye, heart and mind to live as the Holy Fool.  Such a one lives within us all, though may seem distant or forgotten.  The archetype of The Fool is closely related, in my humble estimation, to the archetype of The Child – wildly curious, guileless, enjoying play for it’s own sake, residing in the immediacy of Now.

Common sense doesn’t fly out the window when we open our hands and let go, as the mind would have us believe. Instead, we recover the “blessed revitalizing state” of wonder, creativity and love.  Enjoy the poem!


to know

how to lose
the plot

how to
not care

how to
not know

how to
that freedom

what a blessed re-

that mess
can be!

by Krayna Castelbaum; 99% Verbatim Found Poem, 2018

I’m grateful to Miriam Louisa Simons, Wise Woman & Holy Fool extraordinaire, for her post on Michael Leunig:  https://theawakenedeye.com/2018/02/21/on-losing-the-plot-and-regaining-the-world-of-the-holy-fool/

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A Brief Survey of Essential Kisses


Kissing is certainly not reserved for Valentines only.  Heaven forbid!  So, for Kissy-Poo month, I’m honoring the vast diversity of essential smooches in which human lips have engaged.  As is stated from the outset, this is a Brief Survey and not meant as an exhaustive list.  Certain Kisses are missing (i.e, the Dream Kiss – in a class all it’s own) while some would surely have sub-categories (i.e, the Family – this should be obvious).

Your own Survey of Kisses could prove invaluable in expanding current reference material about this activity.  Feel free to share your findings.  Please note: the French Kiss is assumed in the Deep Throat.  Thank you.  xxx


The Deep-Throat
Think wet, searing heat.  There’s no part of the lover’s breathless
body one’s moist mouth doesn’t want to devour.

The Consoler
Dry lips lightly applied to the top of the head, forehead or cheeks,
while quietly chanting “There, there, it’s ok, honey.  Shhh, it’s ok.”

The Public Greeting
A quick peck-peck on one cheek, peck-peck on the other.  It’s significance
often downplayed, the Public Greeting has been a lubricant
for social intercourse through the ages.

The Innocent
Unsullied, virtuous swooning, as in one’s mouth pressed
to a baby’s neck, belly or toes.  Almost too sweet to bear.

The Affair
See “The Deep Throat.”  Note: if meeting in public, the clandestine heat of savvy Affair
kissers can be camouflaged by a combination of the Public Greeting and/or Family,
making this Kiss difficult to read.

The Family
Puckered lips contact cheeks, accompanied by warm full-bodied
yet chaste hugs. Or, cold air kisses, which may or may not be accompanied
by the A-frame hug.  Both are telling.

The Michael Corleoni
Passionate and lightning fast.  Damn, dude, you are so dead.

By K. Castelbaum, reprint with permission only.

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Lucky’s Lair

Each month,
the Luckster shares
his own deep thoughts.
he goes back to sleep.

“Attention, taken to its highest degree,
is the same thing as prayer.”

Simone Weil

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