“Now is the season to know
that everything you do is sacred.”



“The impact of Clear Lens Coaching on our marriage was profound.  It totally changed the way we understand ourselves and each other.  We thought marriage meant sharing activities and thinking similarly.  Differences between us threatening.  Krayna helped us examine our assumptions.  Thankfully, we’ve stopped trying to change each other and guessing what each other thinks.  We’re so much more open and we listen better.  What a difference when being right doesn’t matter!  And what a benefit to our son, who sees how we interact and work things out.  We’re both happier, more loving and understanding.   We recommend Krayna to anyone who’s ready for a new marriage!”

Rob Uetrecht, Pharmacist, and Stephanie Uetrecht, Software Analyst

“We’ve worked with Krayna at various times for over 13 years, both before and after we married.  Our ability to be authentic in relationship has evolved and grown because of our work with her.  Our marriage has become a loving, sweet, open and honest space.   The insights we’ve discovered have brought depth, understanding and compassion to our challenges as a couple.  Unlike any other type of couples work, Krayna helps us get to the core of the experience.  We’ve seen that when we project our stories and beliefs onto each other, we defend and blame.  But we found out that the issues are within ourselves, not between us.  This makes a tremendous difference to the way we resolve concerns.  Our sessions always evoke a deep, humble understanding of ourselves, one another and life.  Krayna meets you where you are and the space you’re in grows bigger.  We love and appreciate her deeply and don’t hesitate to refer others to her for Clear Lens Coaching.”

Jen & Tim Moore, Owners – Jem Organic Nut Butters

“The wisdom of a safe, insightful, empathic person can open doors long stuck shut.  My husband and I found that open door through Clear Lens Coaching with Krayna. Her patient, accepting guidance, good humor and poetry allowed us to see our marriage of nearly 40 years with new eyes.  Through the filter of forgiveness of ourselves and each other, we’ve remembered the depth of love we share, with the added sweetness of insight.  We’ve recommended Krayna to others seeking clarity, creativity, and recovery of their own courage to move forward with clearer vision.”

Jane Kirkpatrick, Author & Retired Social Worker & Jerry Kirkpatrick, Retired Rancher


“Krayna is equal parts tour guide, trusted listener and earnest confidant.  I was inspired by the quiet magnitude of her empathy, wisdom, and profound sensitivity to whatever I brought to our meetings. Always, I opened to the simple wonder of being, to the wisdom and truth within myself.  Krayna encourages this with an uncommon grace and facility that I’ve not encountered anywhere else.”

William Hastings, Graphic Designer

“Krayna guided me to use the stories and descriptions of my troubles as kindling for a fire.  She helped me gently hold my feet to that fire, and the pain and grief I felt for a long time burned off.  These moments revealed the stories to be fictions, not facts.  I began to feel more alive than I’d felt for a long time.”

J.L., Craftsman & Family Man

“This work was unlike any therapy work I’d done before. I was challenged and encouraged to wake from sleepiness, to look in a way that was direct and to the point. I’ve become more reflective, questioning opinions I had and limits in my perspective. ‘Shoulds’ and habits are dropping so I am more open and honest. I’m not trying to change people now, only myself. What used to annoy me now amuses me! I used to put others first because I thought I should. When I reach out now, it’s with true generosity instead of giving compulsively to feel good. I find the truth in my own experience and feel more engaged, compassionate and grateful.”

Rhea Pantango, Mother & Holistic Nurse

“This work with Krayna was a profound experience.  I came to her in very sharp pain, in a fog.  She walked around in that fog with me, a significant patch cleared, and I saw blue sky!  I recovered confidence in myself and am loving toward my partner again.  Her work is amazing in its intensity and clarity, in the speed with which we got to the issue, and in the way I was introduced to a new way of seeing.”

H.K., Psychologist,

“When I started seeing Krayna I was in extreme emotional pain and very anxious.  Something amazing I realized in the course of our work is that I can’t assume to know what someone else is thinking and feeling.  This discovery made a real difference in my relationships, as did the realization that I don’t control life.  Wow!  I can embrace this as something beautiful, or reject it and suffer.  I opt for the former.  Thank you, Krayna!  I’m grateful we have someone of your caliber in Bend.”

Carol, Visual Artist & Mother

Playshop Events

“Krayna oozes creativity in the Poetry Playshops she leads, creating an innovative environment that is non-judgemental.  So I feel completely safe and free to let loose my own creative juices. I always look forward to the next Playshop!”

Jean Harkin, Artist, Yoga Teacher & Poetry Lover

“I was looking for a creative experience completely outside my usual  practice of making visual, two-dimensional art.  The Poetry Playshop I first attended instantly felt like a relaxed environment, strengthening my ability to hear my own voice.  I allowed words and stories to rise to the surface in a simple and non-judgmental way.  Witnessing others speak freely jostles things loose for my own creativity.  I experience shifts after attending a Poetry Playshop.  The untangling of conflicted thoughts and feelings often occurs.  I believe this is so because I experience unguarded creativity in the presence of others.  This deepens my understanding that we all have stories and sharing them is an integral part of our common humanity.”

Patricia Freeman Martin, Artist, Writer, Teacher, Gallery Co-Owner

“The Playshop experience is a beautiful balance of inspiration, structure and warmth. Thankfully, the space is safe for words to flow and without pressure to share.  Krayna’s writing prompts are full of creativity and the poems participants do share are always a gift.”

Mary Marquiss, Watercolor Artist, Writer & Teacher

Image: Painting by Zao Wou-ki