January 2021 ~ [I rise before the sun does]

Shining dead center in this stunning poem, are these words:"...the voice is an advent of spirit."  We would be wise to regard every voice, human and non-human alike, as such. May kindness and confidence prevail in the coming year.  Avec amour, always.   [I rise before the sun does] I rise before the sun does. [...]

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October 2020 ~ The Facts of Life

Happy 14th Anniversary to Poem of the Month! And a perfect poemto mark the occasion.  In gratitude to you, poem lover.  Avec amour, always.   The Facts of Life That you were born and you will die. That you will sometimes love enough and sometimes not. That you will lie if only to yourself. That you [...]

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June 2019 ~ For Lucky, In Memoriam

For Lucky, In Memoriam August 2003 – May 19, 2019 When finally she surrendered all effort to fathom appearance and disappearance, to understand how one loves what cannot last – her heart rolled as a child at play in newly mown grass, rolled and rolled upon a sea of fragrant petals, sweet with the scent [...]

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