January 2021 ~ [I rise before the sun does]

Shining dead center in this stunning poem, are these words:"...the voice is an advent of spirit."  We would be wise to regard every voice, human and non-human alike, as such. May kindness and confidence prevail in the coming year.  Avec amour, always.   [I rise before the sun does] I rise before the sun does. [...]

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March 2020 ~ Snowdrop

A welcome return from Earth's long, faithful holding..... Snowdrop Do you know what I was, how I lived? You know what despair is; then winter should have meaning for you. I did not expect to survive, earth suppressing me. I didn’t expect to waken again, to feel in damp earth my body able to respond [...]

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January 2018 ~ Inside this new love, die

Let's give ourselves to the joy-dance, friends! Let's waste no time dying to this new Love!   Inside this new love, die. Your way begins on the other side. Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape. Walk out like someone suddenly born into color. Do it now. You’re covered with thick cloud. [...]

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November 2017 ~ Ode to the Joyful Ones

"An awake heart is like a sky that pours light."  ~  Hafiz Shield your joyful ones. —from an Anglican prayer That they walk, even stumble, among us is reason to praise them, or protect them—even the sound of a lead slug dropped on a lead plate, even that, for them, is music. Because they bring [...]

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October 2017 ~ Psalm 16

I chose this unrestrained praise-poem to mark the 11th Anniversary of Poem of the Month.  Stephen Mitchell, translator extraordinaire, is true to the spirit of the text, his "sense of the genuine," when he interprets.  Enjoy!  Thank you for sharing in the love of poetry!  May we all rest in this unnamable, perfect love. Unnamable [...]

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July 2017 ~ Jubilee

Hop on in!  Enjoy this poem that combines depth, playfulness & eroticism. Come down to the water. Bring your snare drum, your hubcaps, the trash can lid. Bring every joyful noise you've held at bay so long. The fish have risen to the surface this early morning: flounder, shrimp, and every blue crab this side [...]

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January 2017 ~ Welcome Morning

Every object in this poem sings, adding to the divine chorus .  Whatever this new year brings, may we know joy in our living, and share it. There is joy in all: in the hair I brush each morning, in the Cannon towel, newly washed, that I rub my body with each morning, in the [...]

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February 2016 ~ The Sweetness of Dogs

What do you say, Percy? I am thinking of sitting out on the sand to watch the moon rise. It’s full tonight. So we go and the moon rises, so beautiful it makes me shudder, makes me think about time and space, makes me take measure of myself: one iota pondering heaven. Thus we sit, [...]

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February 2015 ~ Innocence

    Innocence sees that this is it, and finds it world enough. – Annie Dillard At some point you make peace with it Your life as it is, with all it offers you Like an early evening walk, half moon Hung in the tiger lily sky Black cows heading to the barn Bemoaning the end [...]

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August 2013 ~ Tripping Over Joy

What is the difference Between your experience of Existence And that of a saint? The saint knows That the spiritual path Is a sublime chess game with God And that the Beloved Has just made such a Fantastic Move That the saint is now continually Tripping over Joy And bursting out in Laughter And saying, [...]

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