We are a denatured species, measuring what doesn’t matter, addicted
to our back-lit screens.  You reading this, however, are still awed
by expansive sky, brilliance of moon, miracle of boulders, life forms – like moss.
Pass it on, best you can, in every way possible.  All love to you.

Sun Moves

and I measure the day
by the span of my hands

I do not understand
minutes, hours, or time
except in the movement of light

Sun shares its warmth
but I cannot keep it,
cannot truly own anything
outside my skin

I do not understand
budgets, deficits,
dollars, defense, deterrence

Sun goes down behind hills
and the night reminds me
that darkness brings stories,
that rest is right.

I do not understand
the endless, frantic dance
of lighted screens

I understand sleep
I understand dreams.

By Joseph Bruchac, of the Abenaki Nation; found on https://www.eco-poetry.org/
Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.