This poem is for anyone who can say, “Yes, I too, have been on both sides.”
And then forgive…all sides.  May it be so.    

Believing the Guest

Where do all the forgotten
promises land? “I would never
hurt you.” “I will love you forever.”
“What’s mine is yours.”

I have been on both sides.

Sometimes in our frailty
we don’t follow through.
We simply don’t deliver.
But often, we promise
what can’t be promised.

It’s not a matter of lying.
Though sometimes we lie.
More that the hawk’s wings
can’t cover the sky.

Mark Nepo, from The Way Under the Way: The Place of True Meeting
Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.

Image:  L’Oiseau de Ciel (The Sky Bird) by Rene Magritte