Need some Coyote right about now?  Yeah, thought so.
Okay, here you go.  Get enlightened. 

Essential Nature
A student asked, “Can Essential Nature be destroyed?”
Coyote said, “Yes, it can.”
The student asked, “How can Essential Nature be destroyed?”
Coyote said, “With an eraser.”

The Jewel-Net of Indra
A student asked, “What is the Jewel-Net of Indra?”
Coyote drew the student toward him, and bumped heads with him.
The student said, “If I had known that, I wouldn’t have asked.”

Living Buddhas
Everyone knows how Coyote Roshi loves to collect Buddhist images.
Once a disciple of Rahjneesh wrote to him, saying, “You collect wooden Buddhas.
You should come to India and meet a living Buddha.”
Coyote mentioned this letter to his students, and remarked,
“Living Buddhas are all over the place, but a good wooden Buddha is hard to find.”

By Robert Aitken Roshi, excerpts from Coyote Roshi Goyoku, found in Coyote’s Journal; edited by James Kofler, Carroll “Gogisgi” Arnett, Steve Nimirow, and Peter Blue Cloud.

Image:  Coyote Leaping, mixed media painting by Harry Fonseca.