For Lucky, In Memoriam
August 2003 – May 19, 2019

When finally
she surrendered
all effort to fathom
and disappearance,
to understand how
one loves
what cannot last –
her heart rolled
as a child at play
in newly mown grass,
rolled and rolled upon
a sea of fragrant petals,
sweet with the scent
of peonies.

By Krayna Castelbaum

* Lucky, my Canine Muse and Beloved Friend for 15 years and three months, taught me the true nature of devotion, freedom and love.  Those gifts continue and my gratitude is inestimable.

Bring to mind a beloved who has passed on.  While the body no longer appears to you in the physical sense, have the gifts and the love you shared been removed from you?  What are the gifts you’ve been given and how do you honor them?