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May 2019 ~ If You Knew

May we embrace this floating world and rise up in compassionate celebration of life. If You Knew What if you knew you’d be the last to touch someone? If you were taking tickets, for example, at the theater, tearing them, giving back the ragged stubs, you might take care to touch that palm, brush your [...]

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O, Joy, To Bid Farewell Without End!

Are they not having a ball?  They have no argument with reality, and in fact, dance joyfully amid the transience of things. Things come, things go.  Can you say "hello" and "goodbye" to what arises in your life with your whole heart?   If not, hope and fear dominate the mind and close off rich possibilities.  [...]

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April 2019 ~ All Will Come Again Into Its Strength

          I chose this poem by Rilke to celebrate National Poetry Month.  What a stunning evocation of incomprehensible faith, and a deep homage to our beloved Earth. All Will Come Again Into Its Strength All will come again into its strength: the fields undivided, the waters undammed, the trees towering and [...]

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Stumbling into the Arms of the World

It is impossible to live without leaving a footprint of some kind, a disturbance.  Still, I write this to celebrate Earth and her gifts, even as I register the way life forms are desecrated around the globe.  Whatever type of activism we engage in, our joy is needed now.  The music offered below is both [...]

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Genius Women In History!

To honor Women-in-History, I offer you this terrific list of eighteen wildly diverse book recommendations made by The Rumpus, an online literary magazine.  Women from around the globe in the arts, politics, activism, poetry, literature, education and more are represented.  Inspiration abounds here, so  dig in. Scroll down to this month's Further Reflection, titled Know Your [...]

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March 2019 ~ The Influence Coming Into Play: The Seven of Pentacles

        Carefully consider what you are devoted to.  If you persevere in what matters to you, this tarot card says, your efforts will be worth it.  The fruits of your labors will be realized. The Influence Coming Into Play: The Seven of Pentacles Under a sky the color of pea soup she is looking [...]

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Letter To An Exile: Little Donnie Trump

        Do what you must, but never put anyone out of your heart. The first draft of this came to me during a workshop I facilitated, "Heartfelt Words: Lamps in the Dark."  I was outraged about yet another insane action by the president.  I'd no thought to write a letter to him [...]

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February 2019 – This Morning I Pray for My Enemies

          We humans, a struggling species, can use more prayers like this. The Heart can show the way, though, if we let it. This Morning I Pray for My Enemies And whom do I call my enemy? An enemy must be worthy of engagement. I turn in the direction of the [...]

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Aikido-Spirit Hospitality ~ January 2019: 

        Offer the light of compassion and hospitality, wherever, however and to whomever you can.  No matter how meager your offer may seem, do it anyway. A man lies prone in a sleeping bag at the entrance to my office.  Shit, I think, cuz it’s quite cold today.  I call out, “Good [...]

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January 2019 ~ Red Brocade

        There's no better way to enter this or any other year than with a poetics of hospitality. That, and the refusal to be claimed by anyone or anything that poisons your heart. The Arabs used to say, When a stranger appears at your door, feed him for three days before asking [...]

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