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January 2021 ~ [I rise before the sun does]

Shining dead center in this stunning poem, are these words:"...the voice is an advent of spirit."  We would be wise to regard every voice, human and non-human alike, as such. May kindness and confidence prevail in the coming year.  Avec amour, always.   [I rise before the sun does] I rise before the sun does. [...]

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December 2020 ~ Small Kindnesses

Remember this:  Look for the helpers.  And this: You may be the helper someone else is looking for. Small Kindnesses I've been thinking about the way, when you walk down a crowded aisle, people pull in their legs to let you by. Or how strangers still say "bless you" when someone sneezes, a leftover from [...]

By |December 1st, 2020|Poem of the Month|

November 2020 ~ I Have a Witness

Vast light, a million suns of kindness or love or compassion, amid the sea of sorrow and joy.  May we all be dizzy in the shine of this forever-light. I Have a Witness Among the stars one light shone below the line of the mountains, a campfire maybe.  Steady. All night I kept in mind [...]

By |October 30th, 2020|Poem of the Month|

October 2020 ~ The Facts of Life

Happy 14th Anniversary to Poem of the Month! And a perfect poemto mark the occasion.  In gratitude to you, poem lover.  Avec amour, always.   The Facts of Life That you were born and you will die. That you will sometimes love enough and sometimes not. That you will lie if only to yourself. That you [...]

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September 2020 ~ Sun Moves

We are a denatured species, measuring what doesn't matter, addicted to our back-lit screens.  You reading this, however, are still awed by expansive sky, brilliance of moon, miracle of boulders, life forms - like moss. Pass it on, best you can, in every way possible.  All love to you. Sun Moves Overhead and I measure [...]

By |August 31st, 2020|Poem of the Month|

August 2020 ~ After a Sleepless Night

After a Sleepless Night After a sleepless night, worrying about the world I stand in the whispering grass, watching the mountains crouch under their burden of sky. The morning sun glides above the peaks and the field is suddenly flooded with turquoise light. A flock of redwings rise, they turn together like a page of [...]

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July 2020 ~ Mercy

In a seemingly small act, poet Rudy Francisco shines the light of compassionate awareness on what we fearfully name “other."   Mercy after Nikki Giovanni She asked me to kill the spider Instead, I got the most peaceful weapons I can find I take a cup and a napkin. I catch the spider, put it outside and allow it to walk [...]

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June 2020 ~ Coyote Roshi Goyoku

Need some Coyote right about now?  Yeah, thought so. Okay, here you go.  Get enlightened.  Essential Nature A student asked, “Can Essential Nature be destroyed?” Coyote said, “Yes, it can.” The student asked, “How can Essential Nature be destroyed?” Coyote said, “With an eraser.” The Jewel-Net of Indra A student asked, “What is the Jewel-Net [...]

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May 2020 ~ Stone

To the simple, humble stone:  All praises! Stone Go inside a stone That would be my way. Let somebody else become a dove Or gnash with a tiger's tooth. I am happy to be a stone. From the outside the stone is a riddle: No one knows how to answer it. Yet within, it must [...]

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April 2020 ~ The Peace Of Wild Things

I heard this long ago:  Mind your mind and steady yourself, for there is a stillness within you that has never been disturbed. May these words find a landing place within all of us now.  Amen. The Peace of Wild Things When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night [...]

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