This poetic medicine will do you good.  It contains absolutely no harmful side effects.
Take any time of day or night.  Use if you want to remember what matters.

First Light
In the first light
I remember who rewards me for living,
not bosses
but singing birds and blue sky.

I know I can bathe and stretch,
make jewelry and love
the witch and wise woman
living inside, needing to be silenced
and put at rest for work’s long day.

In the first light
I offer cornmeal
and tobacco.
I say hello to those who came before me,
and to birds
under the eaves,
and budding plants.

I know the old ones are here
and every morning I remember the song
about how buffalo left through a hole in the sky
and how the grandmothers look out from those holes watching over us
from there and from there.

Linda Hogan, from Savings
Copyrighted material; for educational/therapeutic purposes only.

Hogan is a member of the Chickasaw Nation.  Learn more:

Reflection:  What do you remember in First Light?  What happens when you begin the day remembering; what happens when you don’t?