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“When we needed help with our marriage, we worked with Krayna.  It was life changing.  This isn’t hyperbole.  We found clarity, peace and a totally new perspective.”
Leslie & Laura Camacho

Your lens colors every single experience of your life.  What happens when the lens you see through goes unchecked?  Clear Lens Coaching, an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, individual therapy, and life coaching, inspires exploration of this essential question.

The lens is your filter.  Say you wear blue tinted sunglasses.  You visit an art gallery and hear people exclaiming about the rich colors in a painting.  You squint, move closer then further away.  No matter what you do, all you see is blue.  There’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t need to be fixed.

Because it’s not what you’re looking at, it’s the lens you’re looking through.  And if the lens is distorted, so is the view.

If you’re convinced you aren’t good enough, nothing you do will ever be enough.  If you believe your partner is inconsiderate, you’ll perceive inconsideration no matter what s/he does.  If you think money is security, you’ll always feel threatened by market fluctuations.

The most wrenching lens is that lasting happiness, love and peace will be found in people, activities, and circumstances.  You can look far and wide for the right partner, more money, a buff body, better self-esteem, a spiritual teacher, but if your lens remains unchecked, it will always seem like something is wrong or lacking.  Experience conforms to the lens.  This is an innocent yet painful limitation.   So now what?

Stop trying to alter people and things.  Turn attention to the lens itself. 

This is the focus of Clear Lens Coaching.  I guide people in a unique, compassionate exploration in which they question the “fact-like” quality of their beliefs, viewpoints, perspectives or ideas.  As distortions clear, so does the entire experience.  What’s different?  The way you see changes, not things in themselves.  Yet it’s a fresh new world.

You can recover your openness to lifeYou can come close to others out of genuine intimacy and love, rather than wearisome need and anxiety. 

Is it time to cleanse your lens?  I’d love to hear from you!
Enjoy perusing my website and learning more about Clear Lens Coaching.

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“Krayna helped illuminate the joy of living a life focused on presence and open-heartedness rather than external circumstance and accomplishment.
I now live with more love and less fear.”
Jonathan Williams, Development Project Manager