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“When we needed help with our marriage, we worked with Krayna.  It was life changing.  This isn’t hyperbole.  We found clarity, peace and a totally new perspective.”
Leslie & Laura Camacho

Welcome to Clear Lens Coaching, an alternative to traditional marriage and relationship counseling, individual therapy and life coaching.  Any number of issues may have brought you here: a marital impasse, family problems, an addiction, a loss.  A life-changing diagnosis.  A roller coaster of hope and fear.  An anxious need for approval.

While practical aspects to resolving your concerns are important, it’s essential to understand that the lens you see through colors every experience of your life.  We typically think persons and things are the cause, as well as the solution, to our anxieties and fears.  This is a lens, made of unquestioned beliefs and mistaken assumptions that seem true.  They take on a fact-like quality, right?

Let’s say you’re wearing blue tinted sunglasses.  You visit an art gallery.  People rave about the rich colors in a painting.  You squint, move closer, further away.  No matter what you do, you see only blue.   You wonder what’s wrong with you, or with them, without realizing these are erroneous conclusions.

The issue isn’t what you’re looking at.  It’s where you’re looking from.  This understanding makes a radical difference to the way life we understand and embrace life. 

Perhaps, like me, you’ve looked far and wide for love, happiness and ease, pressing on with the idea that when you get it together, sometime in the future, you’ll finally be able to relax.  You’ll finally have happiness and love.  Don’t blame yourself that it didn’t work.  This is the most mistaken, limiting lens of all.  Now what?  Use your pain or distress as a call to look in a different direction:

Stop trying to fix people and things.  Turn toward lens itself.   The difference this turn-around makes is inestimable.

Clear Lens Coaching supports a process of compassionate, contemplative inquiry.  As unquestioned beliefs unwind, true understanding is aroused.  You bring a more spacious quality to your relationships and activities, both in times of ease and difficulty.  Clarity of vision begets clarity in action.  Real vision illuminates what truly matters.

You can relax and recover your openness to life.  You can come close to others out of genuine love rather than wearisome need.  I’d love to help you find out for yourself.  

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“Krayna helped illuminate the joy of living a life focused on presence and open-heartedness rather than external circumstance and accomplishment.
I now live with more love and less fear.”
Jonathan Williams, Development Project Manager